Hoe verhoudt de salarisadministratie zich met de financiƫle administratie.

Een overdaad aan informatie is door middel van de ServiceHighway inzichtelijk gemaakt door de informatie Real-time uit de verschillende bestaande bronsystemen en op een prettige manier weergegeven in een overzichtelijk dashboard.

Het verhaal

Voor Tele2 is de ServiceHighway ingezet als ultieme Helpdesk Solution.

De Helpdesk van Tele2 bestaat uit meer dan 500 processen welke door de Call Agent uit tal van verschillende systemen gehaald dient te worden.

Onboarding Rabobank

Automating the internal workspace orderprocess

Self Service is the foundation of our ambition in providing IT services. Doing so the "Service Highway" is the ideal tool kit.

The "Liberty Global" story

Liberty Global took a giant leap forward.

We contributed to this successful implementation using the Service Highway. The Service Highway acts as an integration platform.

Fontys School Solution

Fontys wanted to provide their students with a mobile application.

Fontys wanted to include includes timetables, information on grades and general news about important issues in and around school. Fontys had several seperate systems which provided this information but had the desire to combine them into one. ServiceHeroes installed the ServiceHighway at Fontys. The Service Highway connects all of Fontys old systems and encloses the information via one mobile application.

The "Lucertis & Brijder" story

Luca makes you happy.

Using the Highway Chat Feature the practitioner has direct interactive contact with the client in a secured environment. Moodswings can be logged digitally and the app includes the ability to keep track of a diary. The Luca app enables he users to continue their treatment at home under the intensive and personal supervision of a specialist. With the Luca functionalities in place practitioners can provide their patients with optimal guidance and make paper a thing of the past.